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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and we pray your union and home are blessed. The MCK officiates marriages in accordance with Islamic norms and Tennessee state law. MCK provides marriage services to community members. 

How does Marriage in Islam Work?

For all couples wishing to enter into an Islamic Marriage contract, we recommend you read the following e-book: Marriage in Islam: Definition, Significance & Purpose.

We Offer Free Marriage Counseling

Our Imam at MCK assists community members interested in marriage with free premarital counseling. To schedule a session with the Imam, please email him at:

Policies and Requirements for Marriage

Please bear in mind the following general policies regarding MCK’s marriage services:

Government Requirements

The couple must obtain a government-issued marriage license prior to having an Islamic marriage ceremony performed by MCK. The license must be presented at the time of the marriage and will be signed by the Imam or his delegate.  

For more information on obtaining a marriage license locally, visit the Knox County Clerk website.

Individual Requirements

The following individuals must be physically present at the time the marriage ceremony is conducted by MCK:

  • The Groom and the Bride.
  • Father of the bride or an equivalent mahram (relative guardian) to her, serving as Wali.
  • Two male Muslim witnesses must attend the ceremony and witness the processing of act of marriage. If you do not have witnesses available, the masjid may provide them for you upon request.
  • If either the bride or groom has been previously married, a divorce certificate must be shown to the MCK official performing the marriage.

Documentation Supplied

The following documentation will be required on the day of the marriage at MCK. Please note that the processing of marriage contract cannot be completed if any of the requirements are missing:

  • Marriage license (the register of deed). No marriage is performed without a valid marriage license issued by a local or state authority.
  • The groom, bride, father of the bride/mahram, and witnesses must present valid government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or federal ID).
  • The dowry (sadak) must be defined and agreed upon between the parties before the ceremony.

Day of Event

All marriage ceremonies are performed at the MCK (100 13th Street, Knoxville, TN 37916), or as arranged with the engaged parties, and are by appointment only.

Post Ceremony

The MCK will issue a certificate that confirms the completion of marriage based on the Islamic Teachings (Qur’an & Sunnah).

  • All documentation will be photocopied and retained for MCK’s records.

Processing Fees

  • A processing fee of $200 should be paid to MCK (if performing your marriage ceremony at the MCK grounds).
  • If you want your marriage ceremony to be conducted at your location, you may consider an honorarium that covers the time and traveling expenses of the MCK official to your place.

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