Zakat and Fidyah

Financial Aid Programs

The Social Services Committee (SSC) is responsible for providing financial aid programs and services to enhance living conditions of Muslims in adverse circumstances. 

It provides financial aid based on the collection of Zakat-ul-Mal, Zakat-ul Fitr, Sadaqah & Fidyah monies and it assures that they are disbursed (according to the Islamic rules) to the needy people within greater Knoxville community. Learn more about each of these funds and our Financial Aid Policies.


Zakat-ul-fitr is collected and distributed at the end of every Ramadan. Recipients will receive money to help their family celebrate the holy day of Eid Al-Fitr. Zakat-ul fitr committee collects information from eligible community members before each Ramadan. 

We ask that anyone who would like to receive Zakat-ul-fitr reach out to the social service coordinator at (865) 637-8172 to be placed on our list of eligible recipients.

Review Process


Applications for Zakat-ul-Mal and Zakat-ul-Fitr are subject to review and approval. Zakat-ul-mal and Zakat-ul-Fitr are specifically for members of the Muslim Community of Knoxville, but Sadaqah is for everyone and is aimed to help applicants with utilities, food, housing, and other necessities. Proof of identification, copies of bills, and other items to verify the applicant’s information are required.

Applicants will need to fill out the zakat form to determine whether they meet the criteria to receive zakat. Applications may take up to a week to process. Zakat requests are limited to $1200 per year and may include other stipulations and/or advice to help the applicant find additional support services. 

For any questions on how to file an application, you may reach our Financial Aid Coordinator, Brother Zanne Soliz at

Call (865) 637-8172 to receive help filling out the applications and referrals for other available resources.

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