Funeral Services

In Case of Death

  • Contact the MCK Cemetery Committee in order to perform the Islamic rites of washing the body and burial at our cemetery in Lenoir, TN.
  • Choose only one family member or friend to coordinate with the Cemetery Committee. Please, do not let multiple family members coordinate with the Cemetery Committee.
  • Do not call any funeral homes.

Honoring Islamic Burial Rituals

  • The MCK Cemetery Committee is run by dedicated volunteers to help you with Islamic rituals of preparing the deceased for burial and with burial at the Muslim cemetery.
  • Funeral prayers will be normally held at the Cemetery after daily prayers. 
  • We try to schedule the prayers after Dhuhr, Asr’, or Jumu’ah prayers and leave for the cemetery immediately after the prayers. 
  • Please follow these instructions to follow the funeral hearse to the MCK Cemetery (unless you choose to join the Janazah at the cemetery)

Get Started

Call the Masjid at 865-637-8172. Leave a message. We always call back. Unreachable? Call our admin directly at 865-888-0466.

Location of Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery, City Park Drive, Lenoir City, TN 37772

Funeral Costs

In these moments of loss and reflection, we at MCK extend our heartfelt condolences and support. Upholding the principles of Islamic tradition, we ensure every burial is conducted with the utmost care and respect.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Plot: $1,200
  • Digging: $700
  • Ghusl (Cleansing) and Kafn (Shroud): $300
  • Transportation: $200
  • Headstone: $300
  • Total Cost: $2,700

For stillborns, miscarriages, or infants under one year, the cost includes half the plot fee plus the cost of a gravemarker, totaling $900.

Please note: Funeral expenses are traditionally settled from the deceased’s estate.

Payment Options for Your Ease:

  • Credit Card: Secure online payments or monthly plans at Payment Link.
  • Check: Hand to the MCK Treasurer.
  • Cash: Directly to the MCK Treasurer.

Financial Aid:
Understanding the financial burdens during these times, we offer assistance to qualifying families, both Muslim and non-Muslim. For aid, please visit Financial Aid Application.

We are here to assist you through this journey with compassion and dignity, adhering to the values of our faith and community.

Rules & Requirements for Cemetery Usage

  • MCK has responsible persons in charge of the entire funeral process from start to finish. MCK requires families to abide by the decisions made by the MCK funeral/burial team.
  • Due to the limited space and safety concerns, only 2 persons from the family of the deceased will be allowed to be present during the Ghusl process in the designated Ghusl facility. The larger group is asked to wait until after the Ghusl and Kafan process has been completed before gathering to view the deceased.
  • The approved MCK headstone template will be the only design allowed for gravestones. MCK will use the official name of the deceased as filed in the death certificate to inscribe the gravestone. Gravestones must be order through MCK and no customizations are allowed.
  • All burials and cemetery usage must be in accordance with the rules of the Muslim Community of Knoxville (henceforth referred to in this document as MCK) as set forth in this document and on the MCK website.
  • Burials must conform to all state and county requirements.
  • No grave shall be raised above the established grade. No enclosure or border of any kind such as bricks, a fence, or shrubs shall be permitted around the grave. No tomb may be erected on any grave.
  • Grave markers must conform to MCK regulations in respect to size, dimensions, material, and placement. All headstones will be sized at 2’ x 1.5’. No other monuments, markers, headstones, or footstones are permitted.
  • Grave markers must be placed inside the grave limits, not outside of them, and must be flush to the ground.
  • No one is allowed to make any changes or alterations to the grave.
  • The name of Allah and/or Qur’anic verses should not be inscribed on grave markers as all markers are placed directly on the ground.
  • Nothing other than grass may be planted on top of the grave.
  • All foundations and grave markers will be installed by Lee Heights Monuments and paid in advance.
  • Flowers may be placed on graves but not in a vase, basket, or any container.
  • Any other decorations will not be permitted.
  • No digging of holes or breaking any tree, shrubs, or in any way defacing the grounds or structures of the cemetery.
  • No usage of profane or boisterous language or in any way disturbing the quiet or good order of the cemetery.
  • No advertisements, notices, or signs of any kind will be allowed.
  • The ground care of the entire cemetery is the responsibility of Lee Heights Monuments. However, it is the responsibility of the relatives and friends of the deceased to volunteer in helping to keep the cemetery grounds well-maintained and clean.

Violations of Cemetery Use

Violations of cemetery regulations, including unauthorized decorations or structures, will incur a removal fee. Fees are variable, assessed based on each violation’s specifics, with a maximum charge of $1,000. The exact fee is determined by the direct costs of removal and associated administrative expenses. MCK is not liable for theft or damage and retains the right to amend regulations as necessary.

MCK’s failure to insist upon strict performance of any term or condition of this agreement, or to exercise any right or remedy available upon a breach of this agreement, shall not constitute a waiver of any breach.

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