Funeral Services

In Case of Death

  • Contact the MCK Cemetery Committee in order to perform the Islamic rites of washing the body and burial at our cemetery in Lenoir, TN.
  • Choose only one family member or friend to coordinate with the Cemetery Committee. Please, do not let multiple family members coordinate with the Cemetery Committee.
  • Do not call any funeral homes.

Honoring Islamic Burial Rituals

  • The MCK Cemetery Committee is run by dedicated volunteers to help you with Islamic rituals of preparing the deceased for burial and with burial at the Muslim cemetery.
  • Funeral prayers will be held at the MCK or at the Cemetery after daily prayers. 
  • We try to schedule the prayers after DUHR, ASR or JUMUAH prayers and leave for the cemetery immediately after the prayers. 
  • Please follow these instructions to follow the funeral HEARSE to the MCK Cemetery (unless you choose to join the Janazah at the cemetery)

Get Started

Call the Masjid at 865-637-8172. Leave a message. We always call back. Unreachable? Call our admin directly at 865-888-0466.

Location of Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery, Lenoir City, TN

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