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Today's Date

Tuesday, 8/09

Isha Iqama

9:35 PM


Today is first come, first serve. No reservations needed!

Capacity restrictions are still enforced. Doors will close once capacity is met.


Reservations are open and are required at all locations.

Capacity restrictions will be enforced. Doors will close once capacity is met.

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There will be no babysitting provided at any location. All parents are responsible for their children, inshaAllah.

Reservations open at noon every day. All reservations must be made same day. 

We ask that parents keep children under 10 at home. All children must be accompanied by parents at all times and are not permitted outside the prayer space or bathrooms.

Only one person per reservation is permitted.

Please bring your mask, prayer mat, and your own water bottle. Adhere to social distancing guidelines. Follow guidance of volunteers when entering and exiting the space.

For all prayers, jumu'ah and tarawih, we have reduced distancing to 3-4 feet. As a result, these are our capacity numbers.

  • MCK: 100
  • AAK: 160
  • QCK: 45
  • MCM: 100

Please note that once we meet capacity at any location, doors will be closed and no additional members will be allowed admittance.

There will only be one Isha for the first shift. Congregants of the second shift are able to pray the first two rakahs of Tarawih with the intention for Isha prayer. For further questions regarding the fiqh, please contact the imam at imam@muslimknoxville.org.

Priority will be given to those who made a reservation. You may be asked to wait until the start of prayer to enter the space. If there is no capacity, we may request for you to wait for another shift.

All prayers must be reserved on the day of the prayer. Prayer opens at noon every day except for Jumu'ah which opens Thursday night at 6pm.

If you registered twice by accident, no worries! Your registration email provides you an option to cancel your reservation. 

Please contact the masjid at 865-888-0466 or email us at admin@muslimknoxville.org. We are happy to help, inshaAllah!

Tarawih Schedule


First 10 Nights

8 Raka’t & Shaf’/Witr

12 Raka’t (After Shaf’/Witr)

MON 1211-8 Hz. Ahmed9-20 Hz. Ahmed
TUES 13221-28 Hz. Omar29-40 Hz Ahmed
WED 14341-48 Hz. Ahmed49-60 Hz Ahmed
THU 15461-68 Hz. Omar69-80 Hz Ahmed
FRI 16581-88 Hz. Ahmed89-100 Hz Omar
SAT 176101-108 Hz Ahmed109-120 Hz Omar
SUN 187121-128 Hz Ahmed129-140 Hz Omar
MON 198141-148 Hz Ahmed149-160 Hz Omar
TUES 209161-168 Hz Omar169-180 Hz Ahmed
WED 2110181-188 Hz Ahmed189-200 Hz Ahmed

Second 10 Nights

8 Raka’t & Shaf’/Witr

12 Raka’t (After Shaf’/Witr)

THU 2211201-208 Hz Omar209-220 Hz. Ahmed
FRI 2312221-228 Hz Ahmed229-240 Hz Omar
SAT 2413241-248 Hz Ahmed249-260 Hz Omar
SUN 2514261-268 Hz Omar269-280 Hz Ahmed
MON 2615281-288 Hz Ahmed289-300 Hz Ahmed
TUES 2716301-308 Hz Omar309-320 Hz Ahmed
WED 2817321-328 Hz Ahmed329-340 Hz Ahmed
THU 2918341-348 Hz Omar349-360 Hz Ahmed
FRI 3019361-368 Hz Ahmed369-380 Hz Omar
SAT 120381-388 Hz Ahmed389-400 Hz Omar

Second 10 Nights

8 Raka’t & Shaf’/Witr

12 Raka’t (After Shaf’/Witr)

8 Raka’t (Before Fajr)

SUN 221401-408 Hz Omar409-416 Hz Ahmed416-423 Hz Ahmed
MON 322424-431 Hz Ahmed432-439 Hz Ahmed440-447 Hz Ahmed
TUES 423448-455 Hz Omar456-463 Hz Ahmed464-471 Hz Ahmed
WED 524472-479 Hz Omar480-487 Hz. Ahmed488-495 Hz Ahmed
THU 625496-494 Hz Ahmed495-502 Hz Omar503-510 Hz Ahmed
FRI 726511-518 Hz Ahmed519-526 Hz Ahmed527-534 Hz Ahmed
SAT 827535-542 Hz Ahmed543-550 Hz Ahmed551-558 Hz Ahmed
SUN 928559-566 Hz Ahmed567-574 Hz Ahmed575-583 Hz Ahmed
MON 10

29 Khatm

584-592 Hz Ahmed593-602 Hz Ahmed
TUES 1130

*see note

*Reviving the night of Eid, after Isha prayer, led by Imam

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