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We provide hundreds of boxes of food per day in Ramadan. Now you can gain the reward as well.

Use the form to make a payment. Have a question about this form? Call or text the masjid at 865-888-0466 or email

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RamadanDateAvailable?Meals still needed?
1Tuesday, April 130
2Wednesday, April 140
3Thursday, April 150
4Friday, April 160
5Saturday, April 170
6Sunday, April 180
7Monday, April 190
8Tuesday, April 200
9Wednesday, April 210
10Thursday, April 220
11Friday, April 230
12Saturday, April 240
13Sunday, April 250
14Monday, April 260
15Tuesday, April 270
16Wednesday, April 280
17Thursday, April 290
18Friday, April 300
19Saturday, May 10
20Sunday, May 20
21Monday, May 30
22Tuesday, May 40
23Wednesday, May 50
24Thursday, May 60
25Friday, May 70
26Saturday, May 80
27Sunday, May 90
28Monday, May 100
29Tuesday, May 110
30Wednesday, May 12Needs Sponsors120


A donation of $1250 covers one day of iftars for 125 worshippers.

You can sponsor as many or as little meals as you'd like. Please view the currently updated table for your reference on how many meals are still needed.

You can request a specific day but please note that if there is a conflict, we will call or text you to move your meals to another day inshaAllah. May Allah reward your intention!

We are working with local restaurants that serve zabihah meals to cater food, inshaAllah!

We will be provided meals in front of Masjid Annoor on a first come, first serve basis every day between 6 and 7 PM. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, no one will be permitted to eat their iftar in the masjid. 

We have a team that will be performing the boxing at the masjid. We simply request that you deliver the food to the masjid. 

We accept cash, check, ACH, paypal, and credit cards. Please contact us at 865-888-0466 so that we can process your payment promptly.

Please contact the masjid at 865-888-0466 or email us at We are happy to help, inshaAllah!

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